Please pray for Mark has he has started to write the ministry Daily Devotional for 2021. 

The ministry area of Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua took a direct hit from category 5 Hurricane Iota less than two weeks after being slammed by category 4 Hurricane Eta. The devastation is widespread and some lost everything they had. The church lost about half of the roof (again) and the ministry house lost the roof and other damage. Both have lots of water damage. Please pray for the recovery of this area and for our brothers and sisters that are fighting to come back from this.

Please pray for the alarming increase in the abuse and violence in the homes during the pandemic.

Please pray about the sharp increase in violent crime, especially in the marginalized ministry areas, as the Costa Rica unemployment rate is at an all-time high of 24.4%.

The poverty rate in Costa Rica is at the highest in nearly 3 decades. Poverty in Costa Rica reached 26.2% of households, the highest level since 1992, amid the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. May the entire ministry be known for COMPASSION.

Over 1700 bags of groceries have been delivered to families living in "crisis". The much needed groceries have been delivered to families in the three primary Costa Rica ministry areas of Los Guido, La Carpio, and Tejarcillos, the ministry areas in Nicaragua and Honduras, and a church in Venezuela. THANK YOU! Please pray that this tangible way of caring for the most needy will point them to the Lord Jesus.

Please pray for Rosa, Lucrecia, Diana and Josefina - the ministry front line workers at the feeding center. 

Please pray for the new believers and new disciples that are a result of a marked increase at the Los Guido children's feeding center.

Please pray for the team leaders and directors in the New Life Church Los Guido as they seriously look for ways to reach the people and minister to them within the tight government guidelines. 

Please click here to follow us on facebook. Photos are being posted of some of the folks that are graduating from one discipleship book to the next. Please pray for them by name - for their protection both physically and spiritually, and for the disciples that they are also teaching. 

Please do not grow weary in praying for La Finca. A court case has been in process for over ten years where another person is claiming ownership of La Finca. The case was moved to a new court house with a new judge 2 years ago and there still has not been a hearing before this new judge in all of that time. Please pray for God to protect and defend what is His and pray for an end to this ongoing court battle.

Please pray for Pastor Sam, Pastor Iván, Pastor Ludy, and Mark as they pastor and lead churches in very difficult areas. Pray for their physical and spiritual protection. Pray for the protection of their flocks as the devil continues to be fierce and unwavering in his attacks.

UPDATED November 23, 2020

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"He pled the cause of the afflicted and needy; then it was well. 
Is not that what it means to know Me?" Declares the Lord. 
Jeremiah 22:16
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